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Title: Development of Iridium Based Fluorimetric Method for Determination of Cysteine
Authors: Ünlüer, Özlem Biçen
Issue Date: 2021
Abstract: Cysteine (Cys) and homocysteine (Hcy) amino acids that are containing thiol groups play many important roles in bi - ological systems. The plasma level of Hcy is known to be an indicator of some disorders such as cardiovascular and Alzheimer’s disease. Cys deficiency in plasma is associated with liver damage, muscle and fat loss, skin lesions, slowed growth, etc. In this study, iridium-based complexes were chosen for developing a fluorescent-based method for the deter - mination of Cys levels due to their high photoluminescence efficiency. For this aim, the iridium (III) complex was synthesized then, this complex interacted with Cys solutions. It was found that, as the concentration of Cys interacting with the iridium complex, the fluorescence intensity increased. Based on these data, it was thought that the synthesized iridium complex could be used in the fluorimetric determination of Cys level in serum samples.
ISSN: 2687-475X
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