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Mar-2015A comparative study on the therapeutic effects of silymarin and silymarin-loaded solid lipid nanoparticles on D-GaIN/TNF-α-induced liver damage in Balb/c miceCengiz, Mustafa; Kutlu, H Mehtap; Burukoglu, Dilek D; Ayhancı, Adnan
2020Designing sandwich-type single-layer graphene decorated by coppernanoparticles for enhanced sensing propertiesSoganci, Tugba and Ayranci, Rukiye and Unlu, Gokhan and Acet, Mehmet andAk, Metin
2019An eco-friendly method to enhance optical and electrical properties ofconducting polymers by means of carboxymethyl celluloseSoganci, Tugba and Ak, Metin
2019Investigation of rGO and chitosan effects on optical and electricalproperties of the conductive polymers for advanced applicationsOzkan, Betul Cicek and Soganci, Tugba and Turhan, Huseyin and Ak, Metin
2020Phthalocyanine-cored conductive polymer design: effect of substitutionpattern and chalcogen nature on optical and electrical properties ofZn(II)-phthalocyanine-cored polycarbazolesBaygu, Yasemin; Aras, Tugba Soganci; Kabay, Nilgün; Gok, Yasar; Ak, Metin
2016A soluble and fluorescent new type thienylpyrrole based conjugatedpolymer: optical, electrical and electrochemical propertiesSoganci, Tugba and Soyleyici, Hakan Can and Ak, Metin
2020Synthesis and electrochemical characterization of a newbenzodioxocine-fused poly(N-methylpyrrole) derivative: a jointexperimental and DFT studyKurtay, Gulbin; Aras, Tugba Soganci ; Sarikavak, Kubra; Ak, Metin; Gullu, Mustafa
2020Synthesis of a carbazole substituted unusual cobalt(ii)dioxime complexto design conducting polymers with caged metal centers for enhancedoptical and electrical propertiesAras, Tugba Soganci; Baygu, Yasemin; Kabay, Nilgun; Dumlu, Gokhan; Gok, Yasar; Ak, Metin